August 4, 2018 “BIG NEWS is “Buzz”ing at QBQS”

August 4, 2018
“BIG NEWS is “Buzz”ing at QBQS”

Queen Bee Quilt Shoppe is moving. Again.

Trust us; we are as surprised about it as you are. We have been praying for awhile now about what is next for us, and asked God to make it very clear. He certainly has done that. After our previous move we had also said we would never move again. Clearly, the Almighty has a funny sense of humor. Our neighbor needs more space, and we have found a new location very nearby, at 6703 Division Avenue S., in the Cutlervillage Mall, right next door to VI Pets. It is a smaller space, but will suit our needs well with much less overhead, in turn meaning more fabric. Hurray!!

We will be CLOSED for moving beginning on Thursday, August 30th and will REOPEN on Monday, September 10. There will be prizes and surprises to celebrate! Mark it on your calendar, for sure!

In the meantime, we will be hosting a progressive moving sale with a percentage off of in stock fabric that increases each week.
And this sale starts August 6.
All FABRIC ON A BOLT will be 20% off. Each week the sale price will increase – so you may want to get it while it is here.

We would rather SELL it than move it and we will both win! There will be new fabric at the new location without the hassle of packing it!
We will have many display props, furniture, and fixtures for sale as well. These will be priced to sell, and best offers will be welcome.

Because we will be using the current classroom as packing, clearance, and “sell it if we don’t need it at the new space” staging area we are going to put the Worker Bee ON HOLD until we are relocated. OPEN SEW and SEAM will also be on hold until after the move. We will let you know dates after we are settled. Probably October.

We will still be offering our most excellent Custom Longarm Quilting Service with drop-off and pickup at QBQS. However, Sophie (Sew for a Fee) the Longarm will be residing in her own studio on Queen Brenda’s farmstead. We will just request a signature/waiver allowing your quilt to travel back and forth for the same great service.

OKAY NOW…Worker Bees…the new classroom is not nearly as large. We ask that you be patient with us as we figure out the issues of storage and such. Storage space is going to be much more limited, and we will have to get creative. Shouldn’t be a problem, right? We will need volunteers to help sort, consolidate, and pack the WB supplies for the move. Please let Carol know how you can help with this not so little project.

I think that is all for now. I’m sure there will be questions, and we will try to answer them. We are a bit overwhelmed by all that is happening, but again, God has made our path clear, and we will trust him through all of the crazy busyness of the next several weeks. This surprise move is not at all what we had in mind, but we are certain it will be for the best.

Thank you for your continued support. It means the world to us!

Brenda and Carol
Queen Bee Quilt Shoppe
6522 Division Avenue S.
Grand Rapids, MI 49548